“Positive Future Bass” is a cool and positive mood royalty free music track in future bass style and modern synths and drums. This driving and smooth music piece is perfectly designed for your advertisement, TV stylish videos, promotion stuff, cinema presentations, nature videos, club or festival promos, slideshows, fashion shows and events, video games and more creative projects. Add some more groove and elegance into your exciting visuals! Enjoy it right now!

这是一首未来贝斯风格,以现代合成器和鼓为主的酷炫积极的版税音乐。这首过载流畅的音乐作品完美地适合您的广告,电视时尚视频,促销素材,电影演示,自然视频,俱乐部或节日宣传片,幻灯片,时装秀和活动,视频游戏和更多创意项目。 在您令人兴奋的视觉效果中添加更多律动和优雅感! 现在享受吧!

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时长 108
BPM 92
循环 No