Future Bass Promo Energetic – is a modern future bass track with uplifting and inspiring build up and catchy powerful drop with dupstep/trap sounds. This beat consist of pluck leads, atmospheric piano and pads, powerful 808 bass, punchy drums, and LFO Supersaw leads. Perfect for sport, action movies, parties, summer club and festival promos or any other positive, energy and driven projects.
这是一首现代的未来贝斯音乐,具有令人振奋和鼓舞人心的build up和引人注目、强大的drop,配合dupstep /trap声音。 这个节拍包括拨奏主音,氛围钢琴和pads,强大的808贝斯,有力的鼓和LFO Supersaw leads。 适合运动,动作片,派对,夏季俱乐部和节日宣传片或任何其他积极,节能和驱动的项目。

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时长 44
BPM 152
循环 No