Exclusive Interview of Musician Nazar

Nazar(i.e. 100audio exclusive musician MusicStream) has been working with 100audio since 2016. During the period, more than 2,000 songs of MusicStream have been exclusively authorized to 100audio.

Living up to all expectations, MusicStream was annual sales champion of the year 2018. Go check MusicStream’s works and find out how champion makes music!

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Content of Interview:

*The author’s native language is not English.

100Audio:Would you like to introduce yourself/band briefly?

Nazar:Hi. My name is Nazar. I am a producer and composer from Ukraine. I own playing the piano. Partly on a guitar and accordion.


100Audio:How long have you been producing music in this filed?

Nazar:In distant 2008 I barged a year into the article “How to sell the music” somewhere on spaces of the Internet and loaded a few tracks for a sample. On some time I forgot about it, but, calling on a web site again, I saw 5 dollars on an account. After it I understood that it is possible really to make money on the music and sound effects and loaded everything that accumulated for me.


100Audio:Would you like to share and introduce projects you are involved? Such as advertising or movies? How do you feel about those experiences?

Nazar:It for me is very explaining experience. I very like see good video with my music.

<Epic Senses (4 Versions)> and <Epic Expedition (4 Versions)> have been applied in 2018 Huawei Annual Flagship New Product Release Ceremony.

The link is : https://www.ifanr.com/video/1117510;

<Intense Trailer (4 Versions)> has been applied in Game Promotion Music of Netease.

The link is : https://100audio.com/en/example-739735/.


100Audio:Do you make a living by producing music? If not, what is your job in real-life?

Nazar:In addition to earning money by making music, I’m a musician. I am entertaining people for weddings and birthdays.



100Audio:What are the music styles that you are good at?

Nazar:I love to write in different styles, avoiding repetitions, so as not to degrade;).

Sometimes you do not like the style, but you still make yourself work and in the process are so exciting, redefining the genre for yourself. For Self-development is very useful! Inspires much, especially good tracks, some kind of video or advertisement, a family that, after all, “forces” move only forward.


100Audio:How do you feel about the sales and also cooperation with 100Audio?

Nazar:The last 3 years at 100audio.com this stock is for me the main source of income. I give him 3/4 of my worker

Of time. I came here, like many other authors – in search of an alternative work. Before that, I worked in a place where it was necessary to go to work “on call”. That is, I had enough free time and work had only periodically. Such a regime and pushed me to look additional income.

The answer I found on the Internet, stumbled upon an article on earnings on micro stocks. By registering on some of them, I tried to write a couple of tracks and in a week or two the first sales appeared.

It should be noted that at my level I wrote music for a long time and for a long time owned a piano.



100Audio:Would you recommend 100Audio to your other music partners or friends?

Nazar:Yes. I’ve been doing it for a long time.


100Audio:What is the difference between 100Audio and other similar platform?

Nazar:100Audio is the best fair price for high-quality music.


Stock music is rather specific, the song form for it is not suitable, therefore, most often, of course, inspired by quality works of other authors. To do this, I often go to macro stock, productionLibrary and listen to the songs of “masters”. Save my favorite in playlist, occasionally returning to them.Sometimes I listen to ads, watch interesting videos. I try to be aware of pop trends; do not miss the Grammy and other awards. Not let’s forget what impact Coldplay and U2 have had on the stock industry.

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