Exclusive Interview of Musician Carlos Estella

From a Bank Staff to Top Author on 100Audio

The past 2018 has witnessed the great achievements that 100Audio has been recognized by many world-famous brands. We couldn’t make this happen without the support of all the authors on 100Audio around the world. This time we’d like to introduce Carlos Estella (KatcaMusic) to you as our exclusive top author in this interview. And his track, Be Epic, has reached the #1 spot for over 4 months on 100Audio popular items.

Let’s enjoy the track :

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Content of Interview:

100Audio: Would you like to introduce yourself?

CE (Carlos Estella): Hi, this is KatcaMusic I´m Carlos Estella from Spain. I have my Professional studio in a small town next to Madrid ( Salamanca ). My main instrument is the piano but I have to recognize that the computer is a very important piece to compose music nowadays. So most of my tracks are made by computer composing. Since I was a child I always wanted to study something related to nature. But I ended up studying law and chose to cooperate with music studios.


100Audio: How long have you been producing music in this field?

CE (Carlos Estella):  I´ve been composing music since 2002 but in a professional way for 10 years. Because I was working in a big bank but I don´t like it so I decided to leave it then I totally devoted myself to the Music.


100Audio: Would you like to share and introduce projects you are involved? Such as advertising or movies? How do you feel about those experiences?

CE (Carlos Estella):  I´ve made a lot of music for advertising campaigns of all kinds.

I am currently working for the series film about King Arthur “Avalon” and composing music for stock libraries like 100Audio.



100Audio: What are the music styles that you are good at?

CE (Carlos Estella):  I am good at making epic music and orchestral music; I am also good at completing trailer production music and fulfilling the magical music needs.


100Audio: How do you feel about the sales and also cooperation with 100Audio?

CE (Carlos Estella): I didn’t expect but 100Audio is my second source of income now. We have a good relationship of cooperation and I hope to upload new tracks every month because China is a good market to work.


100Audio: Would you like to give some suggestions to 100Audio?

CE (Carlos Estella): I hope 100Audio can interact more with composers with initiatives like this interview.

It´s important to speak with clients to know what they want or knows what music would they like to find on 100Audio. And I also wish I could see more news about 100Audio on Facebook and YouTube!


100Audio: How do you think of Chinese music market?

CE (Carlos Estella):  Obviously, the Chinese music industry is developing quickly in its entirety and this is contributing to the protection of copyright that is being made. At the same time, it is a demanding market that requires a lot of quality tracks.


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