Beautiful and contemporary, amazing and motivational background track, with guitar harmonics, featuring deep piano which create a warm, pleasant sound. Perfect for a variety of media projects: product reviews and demos, fashion shows, business, party video, Crowd Funding campaigns, radio broadcasting, medical and health, career and purpose, marketing materials, medical presentation, positive tutorials, theme tune, infographics animations and corporate explainers, blogs and anywhere on Social Media including YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter and much more. The perfect track for a happy mood and a great start to your day! Positive mood and energy of this melody will bring it to the top!
美丽和现代,惊人的和激励的背景音乐,与吉他的谐波,具有深钢琴,创造一个温暖,愉快的声音。非常适合各种媒体项目: 产品评论和演示,时装表演,商业,派对视频,众筹活动,无线电广播,医疗和健康,职业和目的,营销材料,医疗演示,积极教程,主题曲,信息图表动画和企业解释者,博客和社交媒体上的任何地方,包括YouTube,FaceBook,Twitter等等。一个快乐的心情和一个伟大的开始,你的一天的完美轨道!这种旋律的积极情绪和能量将使它达到顶峰!

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时长 161
BPM 110
循环 No