The bewitching and happy vibes gives to this track the optimistic atmosphere & positive melody. Excellent complement your video project. Best this track is suitable for: visuals and advertising, web backgrounds, movie trailers, party video, radio, home video, meditation videos, games and apps, promotional, career and purpose, Web Holiday and Vacation Videos, corporate projects, positive tutorials, marketing, montages, government, blogs, business and personal presentations and more. Create successful projects with this impressing and emotional song.
迷人而快乐的氛围给这首歌带来了乐观的氛围和积极的旋律。很好的补充你的视频项目。最佳此曲目适用于: 视觉和广告,网络背景,电影预告片,派对视频,广播,家庭视频,冥想视频,游戏和应用,促销,职业和目的,网络假期和度假视频,企业项目,正面教程,市场营销,蒙太奇,政府,博客,商务和个人演讲等等。用这首给人留下深刻印象和情感的歌曲创建成功的项目。

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时长 155
BPM 100
循环 No