Folk acoustic and epic background music with highland bagpipe and medieval viola for historical projects, celtic adventure movies, game or tale videos. It engage audience with it’s glorious feel, folk atmosphere and epic heroic adventure mood. Strings and traditional instruments like lute, wooden flute and more, catchy vibe creates epic middle age feel. Prfect for fantasy opener trailer, epic adventure youtube videos, celtic movies soundtrack and other !

带有高地风笛和中世纪中提琴的原声民谣和史诗背景音乐,用于历史项目,凯尔特冒险电影,游戏或故事视频。 它以光荣的感觉,民俗的气氛和史诗般的英雄冒险氛围吸引观众。 琴弦和传统乐器(如琵琶,木笛等)的音色震撼,营造出史诗般的中年风情。 适合幻想开场预告片,史诗般的冒险YouTube视频,凯尔特语电影原声带和其他!

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时长 133
BPM 110
循环 No