This is a dark blockbuster horror trailer music featuring big drum hits, massive impacts, sound design braaams, human sound effects, hyped risers, deep downers, and synth pulses.
The intro begins slowly with a strange-sounding scary sound to convey a feeling of danger, horror, evil, and fear. Atmospheric eerie pads build a dark ambiance. Foghorns or megahorns pings every few seconds like footsteps to warn what is about to come.
Buildup begins with a rhythmic pounding heartbeat-like pulse accompanied by punchy action drums. A tom roll bridges between the buildup and outro.
The outro is much faster, intense, and powerful. Drums speed up, risers start to join and the tension rises until a big downer cuts down the first outro and bridges with a second outro.
The second outro is finishing the crescendo drums with a slowing tempo. A big impact sound hits for the last time to the theatrical release date to show up.
This track is around 2 minutes and it’s ideal as cinematic trailer music, film score, gaming soundtrack, video game music, horror music, action music, documentary music and dark sci-fi movie trailer.
这是一首黑暗,惊悚,恐怖的预告片音乐,具有击鼓声,巨大的撞击声,声音设计,人类音效,riser,deep downer和合成器脉冲。


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时长 120
BPM 110
循环 No