An energetic, motivating and powerful upbeat pop track. This modern sounding pop track starts with a cool intro before exploding into the chorus with powerful drums and soaring synths singing the main melody. The verse has a nice funky groove featuring an electric bass and slightly distorted electric guitars along with synths and electric and acoustic drums. It also includes a vibey build up before the last chorus kicks in.
活力,激励和大气的乐观流行音乐。 这首现代化的流行音乐曲目以酷炫的intro开始,然后通过大气的鼓声和飙升的合成器演唱主旋律而爆发至chorus。verse有一个漂亮的时髦律动,配有电贝斯和略微扭曲的电吉他以及合成器,电动和原声鼓。

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时长 153
BPM 124
循环 No