Powerful, high octane, energy fuelled track that combines heavy metal riffs with elements of electro and dubstep giving it the ultimate punch your audience expects you to deliver. Its a constant guitar & synth over drive with some risers and drops, really huge track. Great for extreme sports videos, motorsports, action, trailers, show reels, cars, speed, bikes, boats, cross, motocross, snowboard, x-games, freestyle, compilation videos, games, digital marketing, walkthrough, fps, first person shooters, sport,
tv and youtuku.
大气,high octane,能量燃料的音乐,将重金属即兴重复段与电子和dubstep元素相结合,为您的观众带来终极冲击。 采用了吉他和合成器驱动器与一些冒险和drops,真正巨大的音乐。 非常适合极限运动视频,赛车运动,动作,预告片,作品集,汽车,速度,自行车,船,摩托车越野赛,滑雪板,X游戏,自由泳,编辑视频,游戏,数字营销,演练,fps,第一人称射击游戏 ,运动,电视和youtube。

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时长 129
BPM 100
循环 No