An inspiring and minimal track played in the first part on two chords, one major and one minor, that evoke the title “lights and shadows”, featuring piano, flute, clarinet and trumpet. In the second part, there is a strings crescendo and an emotional harmonic evolution. At the end of the track, we are back in a minimal atmosphere. Ideal for documentaries, landscape, photo slide, background….
一首激动人心的小乐曲,在第一部分中演奏了两个和弦,一个主要和一个次要的的曲目,呼应了“灯光和阴影”的标题,以钢琴,长笛,单簧管和小号为特色。 在第二部分中,有一段弦乐逐渐变强的演变。 在乐曲的尽头,我们又回到了极简的氛围中。 纪录片,风景,照片幻灯片,背景的理想选择….


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时长 145
BPM 104
循环 No