Licensed Music in China

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Different from purely enjoyable music sold on the market, copyright production music is a background music produced by professional music authors according to certain styles and uses. These copyrighted music can be applied to the broadcasting and television media industry, or various public places, etc. The copyright music is accompanied by a corresponding copyright authorization to protect the legitimate use of music users.

There are two ways to obtain music copyright: automatic acquisition and registration. In China, in accordance with the provisions of the Copyright Law, copyright is automatically created upon completion of the work. The so-called completion is relatively speaking. As long as the object of creation has satisfied the legal composition of the work, it can be protected as a work by the copyright law.

At present, it can be registered and applied through the China Copyright Protection Center and the competent departments of the municipalities directly under the Central Government. It can also be used in digital forms of music through third-party registration centers such as various associations or organizations that have the support of trusted third parties to prove the objective time of filing.

Digital forms of music can also choose to mix and integrate various digital copyright technologies, authoritative time stamps, and public copyright protection platforms supported by trusted third-party groups to obtain preliminary proof of ownership of music works and protection.

Copyright music demands more than pure music appreciation in terms of professional copyright use. In the past, copyright music publishing companies operated by offline subscriptions to provide services to users. Users need to go directly to the music company to watch and purchase.

But now, 100Audio’s “search engine” service, like a professional online music editing assistant, uses the music of the music library for different purposes: such as radio, television, news, advertising, ring tones, etc.; According to different emotions, such as: romantic, passionate, sadness, psychedelic and other emotions; According to different styles, such as: classical, pop, rock, Latin, country, jazz and other types of professional classification. The user can conduct self-service inquiry according to the needs of the production program through classification options and keywords. The music library provides online audition of music and real-time paid download, and the user can obtain the required copyright production in one place at the first time.

This professional copyright music market share in China is growing, which also leads to 100Audio looking for more excellent foreign authors. If you are a talented author with passion and good works, join us immediately. You will get what you want here.