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    Hi All,

    This article is about helping you understand what it means to be an exclusive author with 100Audio.That’s why we’ve put together a few common questions exclusive authors ask when trying to understand how to be the best exclusive author ever!

    What does being an exclusive author with 100Audio mean?
    At a very basic level, being an exclusive author means that any items you sell on 100Audio cannot be sold elsewhere. Being an exclusive author with us doesn’t mean that everything you create needs to be exclusive to 100Audio. It’s the item that’s exclusive to 100Audio, not you!

    What is the difference between Exclusive , China-Exclusive and Non-Exclusive Author?

    Exclusive Author:

    Item price100% * Processing fee(1-5%) * Sales Taxes(1-6%) * Authors70% = Income62.51%

    Item price buyer fee Authors 100Audio
    10.7% 70% 30%
    $100 $89.3 $62.51 $26.79

    China-Exclusive Author

    Item price100% * Processing fee(1-5%) * Sales Taxes(1-6%) * Authors55% = Income49.12%

    Item price buyer fee Authors 100Audio
    10.7% 55% 45%
    $100 $89.3 $49.12 $40.18

    Non-Exclusive Author

    Item price100% * Processing fee(1-5%) * Sales Taxes(1-6%) * Authors40% = Income35.72%

    Item price buyer fee Authors 100Audio
    10.7% 40% 60%
    $100 $89.3 $35.72 $53.58

    What is exclusive in China?

    It means to authorize 100Audio to sell your works exclusively in China (including mainland China, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Macao Special Administrative Region and the Taiwan Region). That is, you can not authorize any other *Chinese* companies to sell your works.

    How to become an exclusive author?

    You can apply to become an exclusive author via this link:https://100audio.com/vendor-dashboard/calculating-your-income/

    You can apply to become a China exclusive author via this link:https://100audio.com/en/vendor-dashboard/calculate-your-income/

    More detailed information:

    What if I make a ‘lite’ version of an item, can I sell [or give away] that item on another marketplace?
    Before we get stuck into the answer to the question lets just clarify the difference between ‘lite’ versions and minor variations to items. A ‘lite’ version is the shell of an item that has a completely different intended purpose than the full version i.e. lite version of a WordPress theme are landing pages and a blog vs the full version of the same theme which then integrates a fully functioning e-commerce platform.

    So the answer to the question is it depends! The principle we apply is that if the second item is sufficiently different to the first one, to the point where we’d accept it as a unique item on Envato Market, then that second item can be sold (or given away) elsewhere. (Of course, we’d prefer that you sell it through 100Audio instead!).

    I’m an exclusive author. Someone has approached me to buy my item directly from me and on different license terms. Can I do this?
    No, if you are an exclusive author then please point the buyer back to 100Audio to license the item under the usual license terms.

    Can I change my account from exclusive to non-exclusive?
    Yes you can change your exclusivity status but keep in mind that you will need to wait 30 days until the change takes effect. This will affect the percentage of revenue you get after you change your status from 30 days after the change is made.

    What happen if I don’t meet exclusive?
    Depending on the extent of your breach of exclusivity, it may be decided that your rate is reduced to that of a non-exclusive author or if your breach is considered serious enough, you’ll be disabled as an author completely and you may lose your ability to sell with us in the future.

    Any suggestion,please reply this topic.



    Hi All,

    If you would like to be an Exclusive Authors,please click this link:


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