Music Collection: Mid-Autumn Festival Music Recommended

And then to the annual August 15 Mid-Autumn Festival, the major manufacturers have been for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival to prepare a warm holiday celebration of it?

In this, 100Audio carefully selected ten in line with the Mid-Autumn Festival activities to use the copyright music to choose from. The following will be described in several advertising, holiday labels under the leading sales and meet the Mid-Autumn Festival atmosphere of music.

Recommended audio from 100Audio original music library.

Ⅰ . Think of the king difficult to see

Piano melodious, elegant warmth, flute and flute combination is full of rivers and lakes, is a typical with Xian Xia characteristics of the Chinese style music. Rivers and lakes beauty, chivalrous tenderness, yu piano like to tell that a period of poignant love and hate.

Mid-Autumn Festival as a traditional Chinese festival has a strong representative, referring to the Mid-Autumn Festival, there are always countless festive stories: Chang’e to the moon, torture rabbit, under the discretion of the regiment who have, lonely even more even This is a little sad old organism in 100Audio sales impressive, regardless of commercial advertising or costume drama series are very appropriate. And then fit the Mid-Autumn creative advertising or the corresponding story, as a background music for the development of the plot, advertising will undoubtedly be a great help.

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Ⅱ . The lights knot color

Mid-Autumn Festival in the past is the harvest season, every household must be set to drink wine and wine, share the joy of harvest. Today, the Mid-Autumn Festival is a reunion, in order to reunite busy family, to meet the long absence of reunion, each household lights decorated everywhere filled with warm and cheerful atmosphere.

The music is cheerful and festive, as if in the streets of the town streets, covered with red lanterns, ears are hawkers selling sound, children’s frolic … full of festive atmosphere, people immersive, very Suitable for traditional festivals. Game scenes, TV series or all kinds of online advertising can choose the copyright music.

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Decorating with Lanterns And Festoons

Ⅲ . The spring breeze

Fresh piano music is lively and simple, and write a bright and happy inspirational film, full of warm and warm life energy, as public welfare publicity background music, design show music or wedding music are extremely appropriate.

Mid-Autumn Festival is a lively reunion, but also quiet and warm harbor, rush back to the safe haven of love, accompanied by warm music to relax and enjoy the quiet is also a good choice. Quiet leisure time available copyright music, warm festive advertising videos, media and other public welfare video can be used.

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Spring Breeze

Ⅳ . Family fun

Festive music filled with traditional festive atmosphere, thick Chinese style shuttle time and space, with people back to the memory of the town, rubbing shoulders, voices, noisy endless. Suddenly “bang ~” a loud noise, fireworks in the sky blooming, illuminating countless people smile …

Family fun, family fun, happiness and well-being, enjoy the air on the full moon, taste the table of food, this is the most simple and most difficult happiness. Good Mid-Autumn Festival, wish all people can regiment happiness, at least, so happy music to accompany you …

Listen to a simple music, but also carries the Chinese people’s bones on the traditional festive affection, regardless of the Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival; regardless of advertising, games, this is a very appropriate copyright music.

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Family Reunion

Ⅴ . Hildhood fantasy

Relatively confident music with a bit sly, like a child in the innocent world of mind, full of vitality and beauty. Cure the music is always able to bring people the warmth of the force, embrace this beautiful world, not afraid of hardships because of embrace hope.

As the music can bring people the power, the appropriate rest is to start better, the Mid-Autumn Festival for the family reunion day, in the face may have been long absence of the family, exposure to a warm family atmosphere, relax yourself to better Forward, for the family to keep climbing for the future.

This is the first bright and bright background music for media advertising, wedding background music, design release and other types of scenes to use, warmth of the Mid-Autumn Festival is also very suitable for the oh ~

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Childhood Fantasy

Ⅵ .  Encounters

Soothing melody sounded, but also a cure of the Department of music, gradually high notes full of life touched, respect for life. This is a romantic full of copyright music, travel promotion, product trailers, public video, etc. can choose to use.

Every festival, together with the family can always feel the happiness of home, every life is a miracle, how lucky, can become a blood connected relatives, how fortunate, with the world encounter.

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Something Romantic

Ⅶ . Beach holidays

Lively jazz, spectrum full of life satisfaction and self-confidence, cheerful and warm. Regardless of the wind outside the wind swept, waves surfing, embrace a guitar, playing the favorite music, guarding their own small fortunate. Simple and happy.

Fresh background music seems to be in line with the traditional sense of heavy festivals are not consistent, it is not true, this kind of vibrant fashion music is full of hope for life, light wanton, suitable for many product promotion, video production background music. Such as the Mid-Autumn Festival some of the surrounding product promotion, holiday travel attractions, etc., are more appropriate.

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Vacation at Beach

Ⅷ . Spring overflow flower incense

The traditional folk music with the joy of the new moon oncoming, the brain flashed countless reunion of the screen, happy warm … people love to go together, always feel bustling, round and round is the traditional way to open the correct way. Naturally, Mid-Autumn Festival as a reunion full moon, love the important day of love, but also to a family “neat”. Warm and light music excellent rendering of the festive atmosphere, is a traditional celebration of the festival’s masterpiece, suitable for more Chinese-style commercial advertising background music use ~

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The Smell of Spring

Ⅸ . Happy Day

Jumping notes, lively piano, could not stop the joy of the mood spread in the fermentation, which is a light and dynamic copyright music works, full of positive energy is palpable, and very cute cute.

Full of confident music is ideal for product promotion videos, background music for a single product promotion, some funny documentaries, and photo-related content clips that can be used appropriately.

Especially in the warm Mid-Autumn Festival, to the family as the theme of product promotion, exquisite and delicious holiday food recommendation and so can use this copyright music.

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Happy Day

Ⅹ .  Happy home

Finally, with a warm and soothing copyright music for this recommendation to do a finishing. This is a soothing quiet light music, clean piano with a gentle guitar melody, as if to remove all the heart defense, as between the friends, quietly about a warm story.

In a warm holiday, a simple and quiet music, a may not be wide but warm embrace is a lot of wandering heart of the most realistic pursuit. This music as a reunion holiday publicity background music, public service promotion music is a proper choice.

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Happy Family

The last 100Audio in advance to wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

More festive music can search for holiday keywords for audition selection.

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