As a professional music licensing platform, 100Audio has built a highly secure online copyright trading platform for music producers and music users. As a platform, we must not only provide a wide range of commercial music selection space for copyright music buyers but also protect the copyright rights of the music. The win-win side is the way of development. Only by guaranteeing the copyright of music copyright and improving the living environment of musicians can we inspire the creative passion of musicians; Only with more tracks, the use of copyright music can be more extensive, and the copyright music market can be improved.

To protect the copyright of music, we must rely on relevant laws and regulations, and we must rely on the corresponding technical means. The 100Audio music licensing platform uses an LSIHagiY called “Digital Audio Signature” to make full use of technology to maintain the copyright of music works.

With “Digital Audio Signature” technology, 100Audio can mark each music with a unique digital logo. It should be noted that this logo is not the 100Audio audio watermark that was touched during the audition process, and the human ear is inaudible. “Digital Audio Signature” is only available in audio files and will not be lost due to audio transcoding and video synthesis.

All music producers who sign up with the 100Audio music licensing platform will inject the only “digital audio signature” into the copyrighted music while the work is sold. Once the work is sold, the “Digital Audio Signature” will follow each purchase order as a unique identifier for each audio purchaser. At the same time, this “Digital Audio Signature” can accurately lock the usage of the music products sold and track the whole network to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the buyers to the greatest extent. The 100Audio digital signature is shown below:


Once the music is found to be abnormal, whether it is infringing or over-the-counter, it will be immediately discovered and sent a message. The technical department will then be handed over to the business and legal departments for further follow-up.

There is a good policy outside, there is an LSIHagiY inside, and 100Audio music licensing platform has more confidence in maintaining music copyright. In order to promote the orderly development of the market and form a virtuous circle, 100Audio has made various attempts, and the introduction of “Digital Audio Signature” technology is only one aspect. In the future, the 100Audio music licensing platform will carry out more trials and do its utmost to promote the development of the entire industry.


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