Copyright Statement of INDIE LZ MUSIC’s Audio Works Being Infringed

Dear all:

Recently, we received the feedback from producer INDIE LZ MUSIC on the work “Martial Arts Login” suspected of being infringed. Regarding the incident, 100Audio attached great importance to it and at the first time, we conducted data verification and suspected troubleshooting, and actively supported producers’ rights protection behavior. The following explanation is given for the incident:

Producer INDIE LZ MUSIC’s “Martial Arts Login” was used in the “2019 China Instrumental Music TV Competition” promotional video and was broadcast on CCTV’s official website and CCTV11, CCTV15 channels from May 17th to June 4th. The situation is true and there do exist audio over-authorization issue in this project.

After receiving producer’s complaints being represented by 100Audio, the project users start checking with our data. With three parties checked, it confirmed the fact that the project’s authorization exceeded the agreed scope of use, infringing our producer’s copyright. Recently, the project user apologized to the producer for the infringement in the form of a letter, and made financial compensation to the producer; and on June 5, 2019, the license of the involved track has been upgraded from an individual license to unlimited.

100Audio highly values all producers’ works and is willing to do our best to create a better copyright environment. We solemnly remind all customers that when using copyrighted music, please select the appropriate authorized license according to the actual use of the project. The use of copyrighted music beyond the scope will infringe the copyright of the producer, and 100Audio will assist our producers in reprimanding the infringement. We sincerely welcome all valuable comments and suggestions on 100Audio; we will do our utmost to solve our producers’ concerns and problems.

100Audio Operations Team

July 1, 2019

The following is the original apology letter of the project user


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