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How do I download the preview?

In order to download the preview with voicemark, please click Download(as shown below) (Friendly tips: Mac OSX Safari browser does not support this method)



I’ve downloaded an item’s preview. Now I would like to purchase this item. How can I find this item ?

In case you’re looking for a specific item, you can easily find it using the search bar. Simply copy the audio file’s name and paste it in search bar to find the item. For example : A) Copy the name “433848-Action-Soundtrack” or “433848-Action-Soundtrack.mp3” B) Open the website and paste it in the search bar.

Something went wrong with item I purchased. What to do?

1, Error when extracting the file: A. Check the progress of the download. If the download is not complete, try to download the item again. You can download again the item within 72 hours from the purchase. B. Check the decompression software version. Please use the latest version of the decompression software. C. In Mac, […]

Where do I download the item I’ve purchased?

1. The download address will be displayed on the payment page. 2.If you are registered at the time of purchase, you may be experiencing a system delay and can not find the product in ‘My Order’. Please check the registration email. 100Audio will send you an email where you can download the product you purchased. […]

What are the common reasons for problems with downloading?

1. After the purchase is complete, the product has 15 download restrictions and requires you to complete the download within 72 hours. Please download and keep the file in time after purchase. 2. Generally speaking, it may be your network transmission problem. Please check if the network speed is normal. If you can not solve […]