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100Audio’s Product Case——2019 Konka TV Brand Ceremony——Have AI All the Way, with Luhan
The involved music is “Epic Electronic Motion” provided by 100Audio.

The 100Audio Licensing Platform provides a soundtrack license for Konka for its 2019 Konka TV Brand Ceremony’s commercial video “Have AI All the Way, with Luhan”, authorizing for the project to use 100Audio’ producer Katcamusic’s commercial music work “Epic Electronic Motion”.


Konka is committed to the implementation of “Excellent Manufacturing Engineering”. On the recent “2019 Konka TV Brand Ceremony”, Konka released the 2019 flagship A3 TV. This TV can be integrated into the family life scene through AI technology, bringing users a super visual and auditory experience and new surprises. The ceremony of Konka brand was successfully completed under the help of Luhan. The Video of “Have AI All the Way, with Luhan” completed reviewed the whole process. The 100Audio music licensing platform provides a soundtrack license for this video. Thanks to Konka for its support for 100Audio and genuine commercial music.

The background music of the video “Epic Electronic Motion” is authorized by 100Audio. You could find this amazing music on 100Audio!

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Epic Electronic Motion

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