Re-cooperation Between 100Audio and CCTV+

Audio works that applied in propaganda of Asia Media Cooperation Conference of Boao Forum come from 100Audio, the two exclusive audio works are Soft Inspiring Corporate (7 Versions) and Uplifting Pop Song (5 Version)

It is another cooperation between 100Audio and CCTV+.

Asia in the Omnimedia Era
Sound of Asia

To enhance Asian media’ trustiness and image, medias and representatives in internet industry from more than 20 Asian countries was in a heated discussion on topic“International Communication in The Omnimedia Era”during conference. The propaganda of the conference is produced by CCTV+ and 100Audio provides background music for the videos.  Thanks to CCTV+ for constant support for 100Audio and copyrighted commercial music.

The background music of these video is exclusively licensed by 100Audio, 100Audio is the world’s only sales channel for this music:

Let’s enjoy the music:

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Soft Inspiring Corporate (7 Versions)

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