Electro Lounge Summer is a beautiful collection of tracks inspiring the wellness of being near the beach, or drinking a mojito near the pool or having spa treatment. In part 1 there are several elements to chill out and to relax, entering a world of inner peace. All parts of these collection of deep summer lounge instrumentals, with light and soft kick will evolve in the Tropical Chill Out spirit with ethnic instruments, lounge piano, luxury saxophones, analog synths, marimba, kalimba , mallet & warm drum bass.
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by BINDOO, Exclusively for YOU on 100audio!


这是一首优美的系列曲目,可以让您在海滩附近享受健康,或在游泳池附近喝莫吉托或享受水疗护理。 在第1部分中,有几个元素具有驰放感和放松感,进入一个内心平静的世界。 深夏季流行沙发音乐中的乐器有,轻盈柔和的底鼓,伴随着民族乐器,休闲钢琴,豪华萨克斯管,模拟合成器,马林巴琴,卡林巴琴,木槌和暖鼓笛,在热带驰放的精神中迸发出来。
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时长 38
BPM 115
循环 No