Perfect for 80s montages, youtube video about unpacking, scientific process and action clips or any retro eighties inspired media, especially medias who need to let the auditor focus on the video content and not on the music. So this a soft 80s influenced, with a main riff giving a sensation of confident, accomplishment and success, with small and soft variations, soft 80s drums to keep the listener focus on video content, but whith an upbeat ambiance.
This version is particurlary bassy, and fit well with a voice over, to keep attention of the listener
Thanks you for listen my music.
Check others version of this track in my portfolio and… feel free to contact me if you need alternate versions or more help to use it! I wish you great videos !
by BINDOO, Exclusively for YOU on 100audio!
完美用于80年代蒙太奇,关于开箱的youtube视频,科学过程和动作片段或或者任何复古的80年代的媒体,尤其是需要让视频者专注于视频内容而不是音乐的。 受到了柔和的80年代风格的影响,主要的riffs给人一种自信、成功和成就的感觉,有小而柔和的变奏,柔和的80年代鼓点让听者专注于视频内容,但同时也营造出一种积极向上的氛围。
可以在我简介中查看这首曲子的其他版本,如果您需要备用版本或更多帮助,请随时与我联系! 祝你有好的视频!


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时长 208
BPM 150
循环 Yes