This synthwave electronic royalty free music track with a pensive mood gives you a dreamy melody with deep and powerful bass lines, atmospheric synths and retro-style percussion! Inspired by 80’s movies soundtracks and modern synthwave composers, this groovy and playful music theme will be a perfect choice for your trailers, action packed movies, video games, app promos, intros, openers, personal blogs, info-graphics, timelapses, travel projects and you tube contents. Elevate your precious projects and visuals with some more inspiring and cooler vibes and features!
这首synthwave电子音乐带有沉思的情绪,带给您梦幻般的旋律,伴有深沉而有力的低音线,大气合成器和复古风格的打击乐器! 受到80年代电影原声带和现代合成波作曲家的启发,这个时髦俏皮的音乐主题将成为您的预告片,动作电影,电子游戏,应用宣传片,前奏,开场白,个人博客,信息图形,延时摄影,旅游项目和youtube内容的完美选择 。通过一些更具启发性和更酷的氛围和功能,提升您珍贵的项目的视觉效果!

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时长 165
BPM 130
循环 No