This smooth royalty free music track cycles rapidly between night and day! Featuring these great synthwave retro elements accompanied by a nice drum groove and electro bass lines, this positive and elegant piece of music is a perfect choice for your video games, apps, teasers and trailers, sci-fi movie sequences, time lapse projects, aerial drone footage, documentaries, vlogs and more. Deliver some fresh and more soothing vibes into your exciting projects and you uniqueness will be highly appreciated!
这首舒缓的版权音乐在白天和黑夜之间迅速循环! 这些优美的合成器浪潮的复古元素配以精美的鼓点律动和电bassline,这首积极优雅的音乐作品适合您的视频游戏,应用程序,预告片,科幻电影,延时摄影,无人机镜头,纪录片,视频博客等。 为您激动的项目提供一些清新,舒缓的氛围,曲子的独特性将受到高度赞赏!

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时长 148
BPM 130
循环 No