This royalty free music track will make the unknown become known and friendly in a matter of seconds! It’s a mystical yet positive retro royalty free synthwave music track with amazing synth stabs, fuzzy bass chops, lots of sfx and a steady confident drum beat that will prove to be a pure gold for your movies, trailers, science projects and documentaries, space exploration videos, explainers and tutorials, intros and titles, video games and more. Deliver some more optimistic and alluring features and elements into your remarkable visuals and projects and make them shine like never before!
这首版权音乐曲目将在几秒钟内让未知的人知道和友好! 这是一个神秘但积极的复古版权合成器浪潮音,具有惊艳的合成器刺音,模糊的贝斯切片,大量的效果器和稳定可靠的鼓声,适合您的电影,预告片,科学项目和纪录片,太空探索的视频,解说和教程,介绍和片头,视频游戏等。 为您卓越的视觉效果和项目提供更加乐观和吸引人的功能和元素,让它们以前所未有的方式闪耀!

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时长 163
BPM 115
循环 No