Dramatic House is a melodic and emotional royalty free music track that rides the big sea waves all over the world! Driven by these powerful synth leads and harmonies, deep electro bass lines and a steady drum groove, this expressive and daring synth melody will enchant your corporate media, fashion projects, beauty blogs, advertising and romantic videos, travel projects, TV & radio shows and modern vlogs with such an ease! Place this fabulous piece of music under your great projects today and you will worry no more!

这是一首旋律和煽情的版权音乐曲目,骑着巨大的海浪环游世界! 在这些大气的合成器主音和和声,低音的电贝司line和稳定的鼓点律动,这种富有表现力和大胆的合成旋律您的企业媒体,时尚项目,美容博客,广告和浪漫视频,旅游项目,电视和广播节目以及 现代的视频博客更加轻松的吸引人! 今天就把这首精彩的音乐放在你的优秀项目里,什么也不用担心了!

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时长 136
BPM 127
循环 No