Tropical Ambient Chill Pop is a high-tech, synth-layered electronica beat track with a chilled vibe.

Excellent for commercials, advertisement, apps, night life and party videos, fashion/models video, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook videos, montage and show-reels, lifestyle and healthy eating videos, inspiring/motivational videos, sports, drones, urban videos and much more!

Shiny and atmospheric, textured synths, deep electronic bass and hip-hop/trap 808 drums. The track alternates dynamics throughout.

Tropical Ambient Chill Pop是一款高科技,合成分层的电子乐曲,具有驰放的氛围。

适用于商业广告,广告,应用程序,夜生活和派对视频,时尚/模特视频,Instagram,YouTube和Facebook视频,蒙太奇和表演卷轴,生活方式和健康饮食视频,鼓舞人心/激励视频,体育,无人机,城市视频和 多得多!

闪亮和大气,纹理合成器,深电子低音和嘻哈/陷阱808鼓。 轨道贯穿整个动态。

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时长 144
BPM 135
循环 No