A neoclassical pop classical crossover with a cool cinematic swagger and steady beat featuring piano, strings and funky synth bass riff. This electronic classical gradually builds to a climax with elements of film music and electro pop with a virtuoso piano solo two thirds of the way through that finally results in a synthesizer solo with backing music accompaniment. It’s emotional, progressive and possesses a certainly amount of swagger and groove. Ideal use would be background music to accompany scenes.
这是一首新古典主义流行古典音乐,具有酷炫的电影swagger和稳重的节拍,配有钢琴,弦乐和时髦的合成贝斯即兴演奏。 这首电子古典音乐以电影音乐和电子流行音乐的元素和达三分之二的钢琴独奏方式逐渐达到高潮,通过这一过程,最终形成了一段有背景音乐伴奏的合成器独奏。它是情绪化的,进步的,并且拥有一定数量的swagger和律动感。是伴随场景的背景音乐的理想选择。

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时长 300
BPM 70
循环 Yes