Relaxing, ambient and peaceful new age instrumental music for healing, chronic fatigue, anxiety, yoga, mindfulness, reiki, massage, stress, reflexology, sleep disorders and other relaxation techniques. The tempo and emotional mood of this background instrumental is designed to encourage breathing and heart rate to slow down. Raindrops beautiful instrumental music to boost physical and emotional health whilst promoting inner peace and healing the soul. Ideal for nature, sleep, night time, calmness, massage, spa music, slow and sentimental tranquil productions.
放松,氛围和平和的新世纪音乐,用于治疗,慢性疲劳,焦虑,瑜伽,正念,灵气,按摩,压力,反射疗法,睡眠障碍和其他放松项目。 这首背景乐器的节奏和情绪是用来鼓励呼吸和心率减慢的。如雨滴般优美的音乐,促进了身体和情感的健康,同时促进内心的平静和治愈灵魂。适用于自然、睡眠、夜间时间、平静、按摩、spa音乐、舒缓、感性的宁静作品。

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时长 300
BPM 100
循环 Yes