Future Bass royalty free music track will send tons of fantastic “Yeah’s” to all parts of the Globe! This one is a modern uplifting and groovy beat with EDM elements, 808 drums and powerful bass. It’s a nice music piece for your commercial video projects, driving videos, corporate business and product advertisements, slideshows, YouTube videos, documentaries, photography production, viral marketing, travel videos, sport and fitness videos, racing and flying videos, vlogs, TV and radio media, etc. Deliver some more good energy and vibes into your wonderful and exciting visuals and you will fret no more!

这首音乐将向全球各地发送大量精彩的“Yeah’s”人声! 这是一首具有现代、振奋、时髦的节拍与EDM元素,808鼓和大气的贝斯。 这是一首很好的音乐作品,适合您的商业视频项目,推动视频,公司业务和产品广告,幻灯片,YouTube视频,纪录片,摄影制作,病毒式营销,旅游视频,体育和健身视频,赛车和飞行视频,视频博客,电视和 无线电媒体等。为你美妙而令人兴奋的视觉效果提供一些更好的能量和共鸣,你将不再烦恼!

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时长 86
BPM 160
循环 No