An inspirational, fresh, positive, warm rock track with a dirty guitar riff and an unforgettable melody. Strong blow with peaks and claps brings greater confidence and strength to this music. Ideal for backgrounds for opening trailers and commercials video, sports broadcast sports news, sports training, game competition, action movie, driving a movie, racing or racing video, Any kind of sports and other projects with an active dynamic mood.

鼓舞、清新、积极、温暖的摇滚曲目,拥有吉他即兴乐段和令人难忘的旋律。 强劲的打击感给这个音乐带来更多的信心和力量。 非常适合预告片和广告视频,体育,动作片,赛车或赛车视频,或任何类型的运动和其他具有积极动感的项目。

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时长 147
BPM 110
循环 No