This piece is perfect for a cinematic film intro, montage, or trailer. The last hope, it is necessary to have time, do not have the strength, despair compresses the throat and chest, weave the plot where there is love, death, life … that sort of thing sounds in the composition. The piano adds suspense to the piece up front, eventually accompanied by strings and then falling into a steady drum beat. Even though the beat is pushed into the background, each instrument is intricately compressed and balanced to give it that cinematic strength and power. Perfect for any project you can think of, from Movies, Animations, Games, Websites to DVDs and movie trailers or any other products you can think of any kind.

这首作品完美适合电影前奏,蒙太奇或预告片。 最后的希望,有时间,没有力量,绝望压迫着喉咙和胸部,编织有爱,死亡,生命的情节是有必要的……那些东西可以在构图中听出来。 钢琴为前面的部分增加了悬念,最终伴随着弦乐,然后陷入稳定的鼓声。 即使将节拍推入背景,每个乐器也会被错综复杂地压缩和平衡,从而赋予电影强度和力量。 适用于您可以想到的任何项目,从电影,动画,游戏,网站到DVD和电影预告片或任何其他您能想到的产品。

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时长 220
BPM 130
循环 No