Motivational Technology royalty free music track is an electronic and ambient background piece of music that carries an atmosphere of great achievements and accomplishments! It includes glitch drums, deep bass, warm and deep piano and atmospheric synth sound that are perfectly suitable for your technology and science videos. It is also perfect for hi-tech and new innovations projects, documentaries, modern commercials and ads, games and apps, etc. This persuasive and motivation music theme will add energy to your dear visuals and other projects! Enjoy it!
这首版权音乐曲目是一首电子氛围的背景音乐,带有巨大成就和成就的氛围! 它包括脉冲的鼓,低音贝斯,温暖、深沉的钢琴和大气的合成器声音,非常适合您的科技和科学视频。 它也非常适合高科技和创新项目,纪录片,现代广告,游戏和应用程序等。这首动力的音乐旋律将为您视觉项目增添活力!请好好享受!

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时长 96
BPM 128
循环 No