Fashion royalty free music track will instantly make you look at the morning awakening sky! It features elegant piano chords, minimal drums and percussion, modern synths, muted guitars and soft bass lines that will do wonders for your intros, slideshows, openers, teasers, corporate time lapse projects and promos, vlogs, radio and TV shows and other cool minimal projects. Its positive and inviting attitude will change your remarkable video projects for the better! Have fun with this amazing music piece!
时尚的版权音乐能立即让您看到早晨醒来的天空! 它以优雅的钢琴和弦乐,极简的鼓,打击乐器,现代合成器,闷音吉他和柔和的低音部分为特色,适合您的前奏,幻灯片,开场白,先导片,企业延时摄影项目和宣传,vlogs,广播和电视节目和其他酷炫极简的项目。 积极而有吸引力的态度将改变您卓越的视频项目! 希望您能享乐这首惊艳的音乐作品!


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时长 140
BPM 120
循环 No