Corporate Energetic – it’s a modern and confident corporate background track with an energetic rhythm and motivational harmony. The excellent pads and background plucks will give your project more brightness. The whole track is filled with energy sounds, a muted guitars, a bright piano, various pads and bells.
BEST FOR: background music, tv, commercials, advertising, corporate energetic videos, presentations, confident slideshows, web videos, makings of, info-graphics, documentaries, featurettes, photography production, energy commercial, corporate presentation, motivational projects, radio podcast, emotional tv ads, triumphant videos, inspirational promo, soaring and hopeful web production, business radio show, background music for motivational speech. Full track Duration – 3:03 Comes both in  wav and mp3 formats.

企业 活力 – 这是一首现代自信的企业背景音乐,充满活力的节奏和激励的和声。出色的打击垫和背景拨奏声能为您的项目带来更多亮度。整首音乐充满了能量,闷音吉他,明亮的钢琴,各种打击垫和铃铛声。

适合:背景音乐,电视,广告,企业,精力充沛的视频,演示文稿,自信的幻灯片,网络视频,素材,信息图形,纪录片,短片,摄影制作,能源广告 ,企业介绍,励志项目,电台播客,情感电视广告,胜利视频,鼓舞人心的促销,充满希望、蓬勃的网页制作,商业广播节目,励志演讲的背景音乐。完整曲目 时长 –  3:03  同时采用 wav和mp3格式。

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时长 182
BPM 110
循环 Yes