Romantic, rich and nostalgic violin duet that emotes times of reflection, memories and maybe even a little sadness. What starts off as a lone solo violin transitions into a duet playing in dreamy harmony. While emotional, this short, sentimental and haunting classical instrumental inspired by John Williams, Schumann, Chopin and Mahler makes the perfect addition to those emotive poignant moments in any media production whether it’s a TV ad, film, Youtube video or classical event.
浪漫,丰富和怀旧的小提琴二重奏,它能唤起人们对过去的回忆,沉思,甚至是一点点的悲伤。 一开始是小提琴独奏,再过渡到梦幻的二重奏。 在 John Williams,Schumann,Chopin和Mahler的启发下,有了这首煽情,简短、感性,难忘的古典器乐,对任何媒体制作来说都是最重要的,无论是电视广告,电影,Youtube视频还是古典活动。

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时长 31
BPM 92
循环 No