Feel good, happy and uplifting instrumental music with a chorus of backing vocals. A gentle introduction gathers momentum, whilst creating a thrilling feeling of anticipation that gradually builds into a pop music track catching fire. It features exhilarating vocals, drums, strumming acoustic guitar and piano. The strong backing vocal chorus and musical arrangement lift your spirits to a realm of positivity and romantic contentment. Positive, energetic, friendly and radiant production music. Ideal for advertising, corporate videos, commercials and promos.

这首好听,快乐,振奋人心的纯器乐乐曲,有着人声的合唱。此温柔的介绍曲不仅凝聚了动力,同时创造一种惊心动魄的期待感,逐渐形成一首燃烧的流行音乐曲目。 它具有令人振奋的人声,鼓声,原声吉他和钢琴的弹奏。有力的声乐合唱的背景音和音乐安排把你的精神提升到一个积极,浪漫,满足的境界。这首积极、活力、友好、发光的音乐作品。适用于广告,企业视频,商业和宣传片。

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时长 38
BPM 125
循环 Yes