“Lonely Nightfall” is a calm lyrical melody that reflects the tenderness and melancholy of an autumn evening. Each note is a longing that floats in the air, and the sound of the music creates an atmosphere of calm in which the listener can plunge into the depths of their own thoughts and feelings. “Lonely Nightfall” is a melody that weaves into the darkness, creating a relaxed but emotionally intense aura in a lonely night.
“寂寞的黄昏” 是一种平静的抒情旋律,反映了秋天傍晚的温柔和忧郁。每个音符都是漂浮在空中的渴望,音乐的声音营造出一种平静的氛围,听众可以在其中陷入自己的思想和情感深处。“寂寞的夜幕降临” 是一个旋律,它编织在黑暗中,在寂寞的夜晚营造出轻松但情感上强烈的光环。

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时长 134
BPM 124
循环 No