The works are full of emotion, sincere and heavy, and have a strong sense of picture. The main instruments are guzheng, flute and piano. The music is divided into three sections. At the beginning, the piano and guzheng enter slowly, rendering a quiet picture of ink and misty rain. The big flute promotes the unfolding of narrative emotions. The picture turns into a majestic trend, but it is not publicized, as if there is a kind of Oriental virtue carrying power in the dark. Emotional release open at the same time there is a trace of lingering feelings hidden. Finally, the piano and guzheng will bring the picture back into a quiet meditation. While the mood is calm, if there is something in the mind, it will be endless for a long time, full of the deep charm of Chinese culture. Applicable to high-end national style advertising films, promotional films, emotional paragraphs of film and television works. The whole music has a unique style and bright colors.

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