It’s perfect and high quality sounding amazing and motivational corporate track, which consist of perfectly complementary piano, violins, drums, volume conversions and inspiring melodies. This track is the best for: visuals and advertising, documentary, business, party video, inspirational advertisement and travel videos, games and apps, medical and health, career and purpose, applications and promotions, corporate projects, positive tutorials, theme tune, montages, government, blogs and anywhere on Social Media including YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter and more. This item has everything that can help you create a successful project. Positive mood and energy of this melody will bring it to the top!
这是完美的和高品质的听起来惊人的和激励企业的音乐,其中包括完全互补的钢琴,小提琴,鼓,音量转换和鼓舞人心的旋律。这条赛道是最好的: 视觉和广告,纪录片,商业,派对视频,励志广告和旅游视频,游戏和应用程序,医疗和健康,职业和目的,应用和促销,企业项目,积极的教程,主题曲,蒙太奇,政府,博客和社交媒体上的任何地方,包括YouTube,FaceBook,Twitter等。这个项目有一切可以帮助你创建一个成功的项目。这种旋律的积极情绪和能量将使它达到顶峰!

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时长 156
BPM 115
循环 No