This is a warm, poetic and thick Chinese style music. The ensemble of piano, guzheng, dulcimer and flute creates an atmosphere of enjoying the beautiful scenery under the moon. Music is suitable for: Chinese style, antique style, nature, narrative, beauty, warmth, Double Ninth Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, vlog, YouTube video and other application scenes. This will be an excellent addition to your various media projects.
这是一首带有温暖,诗情画意的浓浓的中国风乐曲。钢琴、古筝、扬琴、笛子的合奏,营造出月下赏美景的氛围。音乐适用于:中国风、古风、自然、叙事、优美、温馨、重阳节、端午节、中秋节、vlog、YouTube视频等应用场景。 这将是对您的各种媒体项目的极好补充。

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时长 145
BPM 98
循环 No