Happy Kids Music is a fresh, happy, energetic, catchy and upbeat background music. Sounds really cheerful and fun with simple and beautiful melody. It’s perfect to add a feel good to your project.
This track works perfectly with?your media projects like advertising, commercial, digital market, storytelling, podcasts, background, commercials, corporate videos, startup presentations, TV adverts, Kickstarter videos, website, web advertising, YouTube, Vimeo, After Effects Projects and much more…
In the track I used instruments:?piano, acoustic guitar, pads, hats, kicks, bells, orchestra ukulele
“快乐儿童音乐”是一种清新,快乐,充满活力,引人入胜且乐观的背景音乐。 简单优美的旋律听起来真的很有趣。 为您的项目增添一丝亮丽的感觉是完美的。
该曲目可以与您的媒体项目完美配合,例如广告,商业,数字市场,讲故事,播客,背景,广告,企业视频,启动演示,电视广告,Kickstarter视频,网站,网络广告,YouTube,Vimeo,After Effects项目和 多得多…

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时长 129
BPM 95
循环 No