This is impressing, imponderable, fresh, sounding clean and atmospheric ambient track. Energy of this tune will help you to make your project really successful! Also this track is perfect for: commercials, podcast, ads, slideshows, time-lapse movie, YouTube, travel, after effects templates, motivational infographics, documentary, web, nature video, applications, innovative media projects, TV commercial, summer trip video, science and invention, vlog, inspiring beauty and any project that requires background music.
这是令人印象深刻,不可估量,清新,听起来干净且具有氛围感的氛围音乐。 这首音乐的能量将帮助您使您的项目真正成功! 该曲目也非常适合:商业广告,播客,广告,幻灯片,延时电影,YouTube,旅行,AE模板,励志信息图表,纪录片,网络,自然视频,应用程序,创新媒体项目,电视广告,夏季旅行视频 ,科学和发明,视频博客,鼓舞人心的美丽以及任何需要背景音乐的项目。

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时长 151
BPM 130
循环 Yes