Inspiring Motivational Dramatic Victory is an energetic uplifting and powerful Rock tracks with a positive and heroic tone to give motivation and inspire bravery; featuring piano, strings, brass, powerful percussion and sound design elements such as raisers, whooshes, booms and downers. Perfect for: sport videos, GoPro videos, corporate presentations, films, short films, trailers, video games, documentaries and any other project that needs a big and epic sounding track to inspire strength and courage.I hope this edgy song can enhance your project, whether it be for corporate
or personal use.
鼓舞人心 戏剧性 胜利是一首充满活力的振奋人心的摇滚曲目,具有积极而英勇的音调,可以激发动力并激发勇敢;音乐中具有钢琴,弦乐,铜管,强劲的打击乐和原声设计元素,如上升,嗖嗖,轰鸣声和下降。非常适合:体育视频、GoPro视频、企业演示、电影、短片、预告片、视频游戏、纪录片和任何其他需要大型史诗般的音乐来激发力量和勇气的项目。我希望这首前卫的歌曲能加强你的项目,无论是对企业来说

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时长 125
BPM 110
循环 No