Inspiring Awakening this is inspiring cello track full of inspiration, hope, beauty, love and peace. This is dramatic, hopeful and beautiful cinematic soundtrack. An imaginative and contemplative music track with simple patterns and subtle layers that will add undertones of romantic to your project. Elegant and touching, classical and passionate yet delicate – this graceful ceremonial track will take you on an emotional journey.
Perfect for YouTube & Vimeo video, background music in slideshow, inspirational commercial project, passionate and emotional cinematic sequences, motivational and inspirational presentation, sad & sentimental video, coaching, personal growth, website, tutorial, documentary, film, family footage, television, showreel, soundtrack, corporate video and presentation, photography, digital marketing, social media marketing, wedding and romantic video, opener, Valentine′s day video, electronic greeting cards, special personal project for your loved ones
充满了灵感,希望,美丽的音乐。 富有想象力和沉思性。

非常适合YouTube和Vimeo视频,幻灯片背景音乐,鼓舞人心的商业项目,充满激情和情感的电影片段,激励和鼓舞性的演讲,悲伤和感伤的视频,教练,个人成长,网站,教程,纪录片,电影,家庭录像,电视, 表演,配乐,企业视频和演示文稿,摄影,数字营销,社交媒体营销,婚礼和浪漫视频,情人节视频,电子贺卡,为您亲人设计的特殊个人项目

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时长 159
BPM 90
循环 Yes