Modern Arabic Oriental Middle East is a fiery royalty free symphonic electro Oriental music track that is perfectly crafted for special moods and purposes! This amazing music composition is a unique mix of world beat music and powerful electro mood. Ethnic instruments and Arabian orchestral violins are mixed with modern drums and electro glitch sounds. Melodic line is performed on Rebab (bowed string instrument) This powerful, energetic, mysterious and slightly intense ethnic soundtrack is ideal for commercial video projects, movie intro/outro projects, travel video, nature and landscape videos, youtube projects and any kind of media that needs some fresh Oriental Urban underscore. Enjoy it and good luck with your fantastic projects!
Thanks for listening and purchasing!
一首东方阿拉伯风格的电子音乐,配有民族乐器,阿拉伯管弦乐小提琴,鼓和合成器。 充满活力,神秘,非常适合商业视频项目,电影intro/ outro项目,旅游视频,自然和风景视频,YouTube项目和任何类型的媒体 这需要一些新鲜的东方城市配乐。 享受它,并祝你好运!


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时长 131
BPM 87
循环 No