Happy Uku is an energetic folk track that features acoustic ukulele, whistle, soft deep drum kick, bright claps, snap and others positive accents. A fresh and clean background track perfect for all kind of your media projects: advertising, TV, cinema, movie, film, business/corporate projects, commercial or lifstyle videos, presentations and more.
Also you can use this track for your photo, slideshows, footage, and videos on your website(s), blogs and anywhere on Social Media including YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, Vimeo, Tumbler, Instagram and more…
这是一个充满活力的民谣音乐,具有原声尤克里里琴,哨子,柔软的深鼓,明亮的拍手,按扣和其他积极的口音。 清新干净的背景音乐,适合各种媒体项目:广告,电视,电影,电影,电影,商业/企业项目,商业或生活方式视频,演示等。
此外,您可以将此曲目用于您的网站,博客和社交媒体上的任何地方的照片,幻灯片,视频和视频,包括YouTube,FaceBook,Twitter,Google +,Vimeo,Tumbler,Instagram等等……


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时长 145
BPM 100
循环 No