Inspiring Mode is a very motivational and inspiring corporate track featuring a recurring melodic theme which changes in mood as the song progresses. The main melody is featured on a muted electric guitar, overdrive electric guitar as well as piano on the verse. The track build slowly until powerful guitar and drum accents lift the mood which leads onto the lively and energetic chorus. This track has a great motivational feel to it and would suit a wide range of video projects.
这是一首非常激励和鼓舞人心的企业音乐,具有反复出现的旋律主题,随着音乐的进展情绪发生变化。 主旋律以闷音电吉他,过载电吉他和钢琴为主。 这首曲子慢慢地构建,直到强大的吉他和鼓声增强了情绪,从而引发了活泼而充满活力的合唱。 这首曲目具有很强的动机感,适合各种视频项目。

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时长 130
BPM 112
循环 No