Modern Inspirational Funk is a inspirational and groovy, upbeat and funky, joy summer music with modern funk slow dance mood and inspiring background atmosphere. The music positive pop can use for movie, commercial and promotional, marketing videos and holiday. Inspirational indie corporate unusual r&b music good for nature video, advertising and personal films, videos with summer sunny story. This fresh modern and stylish Ibiza style tune also nice for films, airplane, great for background, children holiday and commercial games, promotional, marketing video, advertising and slideshow, wedding and holiday. Business and advertisement, hi tech technology & production are nice suitable to this track, and positive mood makes atmosphere satirical and a romantic.

现代励志放克是一个充满灵感和时髦,乐观和时髦,喜悦的夏日音乐与现代funk慢舞曲带来鼓舞人心的背景氛围。积极流行音乐可用于电影,商业和促销,营销视频和假日。 鼓舞人心的独立企业r&b音乐适用自然视频,广告和个人电影,夏季阳光故事的视频。 这款清新现代时尚的伊比沙岛风格的曲调也非常适合电影,飞机,背景,儿童假期和商业游戏,促销,营销视频,广告和幻灯片,婚礼和假日。 商业和广告,高科技技术和生产都很适合这条音乐,积极的心情使气氛讽刺和浪漫。

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时长 163
BPM 120
循环 No