Silent Movie Vaudeville Piano is a funny and comedy, old school sounding music with upbeat mood and cheerful atmosphere. The music of silent movie mood can be use for black and white movie, commercial and promotional, marketing videos, trailers, and many kind of styles. Bouncy and catchy track will be good enough for motion picture soundtrack, birthday, advertising and child films, circus videos with clown and kids. Happy old piano tune also nice for celebration films, great for animation, commercial games, promotional, marketing video, advertising and kids. This fresh Charlie Chaplin style track will be good enough for old film, discovery channel, advertising, business and adventures films, personal videos with friends and family.

这是一首有趣和喜剧,具有老式声音的音乐,伴随着乐观的心情和欢快的气氛。 可用于黑白电影,商业和促销,营销视频,预告片和许多风格。 非常适合电影原声带,生日,广告和儿童电影,小丑和小孩的马戏团视频。 快乐的老钢琴曲也适合庆祝电影,非常适合动画,商业游戏,促销,营销视频,广告和儿童。 这部新鲜的查理卓别林风格的音乐将非常适合老电影,发现频道,广告,商业和冒险电影,与朋友和家人的个人视频。

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时长 170
BPM 75
循环 No