An energetic, upbeat & intense future bass track that infuses modern future bass with Dubstep to create an epic sense of tension and release. The track consists of two different drops, one slightly bigger than the next. The track is hard hitting and energetic & would suite dynamic fast paced contemporary media.

The track consists of sliced diva style vocal samples, digital FM & wave table synths, drum machines & abstract sound effects.

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一个充满活力,乐观和激烈的Future Bass,将现代未来的低音与Dubstep融合在一起,创造出一种震撼和释放的史诗感。 由两个不同的水滴组成,一个略大于下一个水滴。 非常强劲,精力充沛,可以为快节奏的现代媒体提供动力。



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时长 103
BPM 137
循环 No